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Preferred CASE Providers

The Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE) is a standard technical specification to publish learning objectives in a digital format.

Education technology platforms, publishers’ digital learning resources, and applications need to tag courses, lessons and resources identifying the academic standards, or learning objectives, and competencies to track and report learning outcomes data.

With CASE:

  • Instructors, instructional designers, and publishers can align lessons and resources to academic standards (also called learning outcomes or objectives) and competencies using globally unique identifiers (GUIDs).
  • All platforms, digital resources, and apps can provide data about learner activities and outcomes associated with academic standards and competencies.
  • Educational platforms and systems can make learner progress data visible at every step of the learning process. Instructors can identify mastery level(s) and provide additional resources to support learner success.
  • Instructors and designers can improve lesson design on-the-fly, by spotting gaps or deficiencies in the lesson design.

1EdTech Preferred CASE Providers

Preferred CASE Providers are 1EdTech Contributing Member companies that have: 

  1. Developed a software that can be used to publish certified CASE frameworks (certified frameworks work properly with all systems and applications.)
    1. Certified software ensures that the CASE frameworks can be consistently accessed (downloaded, uploaded) by any and all edtech systems and applications.
  2. Preferred Providers work with the 1EdTech community on an ongoing basis, to continuously improve the CASE specification, and other related 1EdTech standards.

Note: To ensure all your educational management systems and publisher materials can use the CASE frameworks, they must be Certified CASE Providers and/or Consumers. Institutions should verify certification prior to purchasing/implementing.


Preferred CASE Providers Services


A Certified CASE Provider has software that has been certified to produce CASE Frameworks. CASE Providers also perform other related services, such as: 

  1. Digital Conversion: Manage the complete digital conversion of your academic standards from a PDF or html format to the CASE format, or provide the customer with a certified software license to build their own CASE Frameworks and maintain them.
  2. Content alignment services:  Also called “correlations.” Tag digital resources to specific academic/learning standards or competencies.
  3. Crosswalks: Are mappings (or associations) of data points in one set to other data points in another set. These associations are usually defined by some specific criteria, usually to show the equivalent record in the other data set.
  4. Research: Perform research about standards and competencies across a specific market.
  5. Hosting services and Web Publishing.



1EdTech Preferred CASE Providers

  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Outcome Set Management
  • Program & CLO Assessment
  • Building
  • Mapping
  • Exploring
  • Collaborating
  • Publishing
  • Associating
  • Alignment
  • Crosswalking
  • U.S. & Intl. standards licensing
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Framework Development
  • Authoring and Collaboration
  • Reporting
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